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Girls Soccer

Pre-Season Training

The pre-season is when soccer players develop their fitness level. Optimally, a player will spend six weeks devoting two days per week to anaerobic fitness and another two to aerobic fitness. The following training schedule (comprising Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) is a sample of how you should be preparing to be at your best next season.

Monday: Anaerobic Training
A series of basic plyometric drills that soccer players can do to increase power for sprint speed as well as help prevent injury to the knees.


Plyometrics. To perform plyometrics with proper form, keep your heels on the ground at the start of the jump and in line with your feet when landing. Always keep your hips back and do not land on your toes.

Sets/Reps: 4×6 with 90 seconds rest

  • Squat Jumps
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Broad Jumps
  • Single Leg Lateral Jumps

Sprint Drills

  • 10-yard sprints – 5×60 seconds rest
  • 20-yard sprints – 5×60 seconds rest
  • 30-yard sprints – 4×60 seconds rest
  • 40-yard sprints – 4×60 seconds rest

Tuesday: Aerobic Training with Interval Drills

Beep Test. The beep test is to determine your fitness level.

  • Start off at a slow pace and run 25 yards before the beep sounds
  • As the levels get higher, the pace gets faster
  • When you are unable to finish before the beep, you’re done and the level is recorded
  • Run this one time

Soccer Interval Test. This test is done with and without the ball.

  • Start by running 10 yards down and back twice
  • Run 25 yards down and back once
  • You should finish in 30 seconds with a 30-second rest
  • Run 25 yards down and back once
  • You should finish is 29 seconds with a 30-second rest
  • Each run, the time gets lower until you are unable to finish and the level is recorded

The following video demonstrates the Soccer Interval Test:
This drill is done with and without the ball and is a good test for soccer fitness. You start with having to finish in 30 seconds and then a 30 second rest. …


300-Yard Shuttle Run (25-yard intervals). This test is run six times down and back at 80% max speed.

  • Run 2 times with a 5-minute rest.

Wednesday: Anaerobic Training with Agility Drills

Here is a video demonstrating each of the following agility drills:
Pro Agility, L-Drill and T-Drill agility drills.


Pro Agility (5-10-5)

  • 3 runs starting to the right
  • 3 runs starting to the left
  • Each with a 45-second rest


  • 4 runs with 30-second rest


  • 4 runs with 30-second rest

Thursday: Aerobic training with Footwork and Sprint Drills
Soccer foot work exercises for fitness and for skill development.
Footwork Drills (2 sets of each x 30 seconds with 30-second rest)
  • Toe Taps
  • Scissors
  • Step Overs
  • Foundation
  • Inside-outside right and left foot
  • Inside-outside both feet

J.P. Shuttle (60-yard shuttle; run five sets with 30-second rest)

Gassers (100-yard shuttle; run 5 times with 30-second rest)

Bomb Drill (20-yard by 20-yard box; run one time)

  • Start by jogging three sides of the field and sprinting the last
  • Jog two sides and sprint two
  • Jog one side and sprint three
  • Sprint all four sides
  • Progress back down with jogging all four sides as last run
Central Magnet Awards Girls Soccer 2016

2016 District 8A/AA Champions

Welcome to the Central Magnet Women’s Soccer Team Website.

Summer Conditioning: begins Monday, June 15th.  Players that neglect getting ready in June will have a tough time with conditioning. We will condition Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 AM until 10 AM in an effort to avoid the heat of the day.  Girl’s that show up at tryouts, no matter how good, that are not in shape will not make the team.  All player’s with significant injuries (such as ACL tears will get the change to come out whenever they have been cleared by a doctor.)  Conditioning will include a variety of strength exercises.

Summer conditioning/Practice: June 5th-21st and July 10th-21st

Dead Period: June 25th-July 8th

Summer Camp: July 17th– 20th  at MTSU

The MTSU Girls Residential/Team Camp features several days of challenging training and games.   I’m planning on the team doing the half day camp.   1) Half Day (9am-Noon) $160.     Please check for more camp information.


Soccer camp for 1st– 8th graders=  I am hosting a youth soccer camp for younger players in the area this summer.  I intend to use some of the girls to help organize and lead drills throughout the camp.  (Date: June 12th-14th, 5:30pm-7:30pm)  This would also serve as a primary fundraiser to fund new equipment and travel to away games and a tournament. Cost $60 for campers.  $30 for additional athletes

Tryouts: July 24th – 25th    You must attend each day in order to make the team.  Directly contact the coaches if you foresee any possible conflict.

First Preseason Match:  8/3

First Regular Season Match: 8/15

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2016 Soccer

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